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Bengals met Corey Coleman at NFL Scouting Combine and asked him a weird question

Baylor Bears wide receiver Corey Coleman spoke to the media during the 2016 NFL Scouting Combine and indicated he had spoken with the Bengals earlier in the week.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Scouting Combine can often be where teams and prospects meet and get to know each other for the first time.

That can also lead to relationships being formed which eventually lead to commitments being made in the NFL draft. The Bengals have had players grow on them in the past before they ultimately were drafted by Cincinnati, and we may see that at work with Corey Coleman.

The Baylor Bears' Biletnikoff Award winner met with the Bengals at the Scouting Combine. While it may have been a productive meeting, the story to come out of it was the intriguing question Coleman was asked regarding a war that America was involved in:

It's ironic news of the Bengals meeting with Coleman is that it comes out after a recent onslaught of mock drafts had him going to Cincinnati with the 24th-overall pick in this year's draft. He's easily one of the top receivers in this draft, and most scouts and talking heads have him ranked just behind Ole Miss' LaQuon Treadwell as the second-best receiver prospect.

That said, if Coleman is indeed the second-best receiver in this draft, it's hard to see him falling all the way to the Bengals at 24. There's plenty of teams ahead of them in need of a receiver, and with Treadwell expected to go fairly early, Coleman will have a tough time making it all the way into the mid-20s for Cincinnati to grab him.

If Coleman does end up being the Bengals' pick, it sure looks like it'd be a good one, especially if they lose Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones in free agency. If either of those guys leave, getting a receiver as good as Coleman in the first round looks like an even better selection.

It's also interesting that Coleman mentioned being asked a question that stumped him by the Bengals as Darqueze Dennard told the same thing last week.

"I was confident about every interview but that one," Dennard says. "I thought the one team that won't draft me is the Bengals. I think I showed a little attitude. I was a little frustrated about why I needed to know one of the answers."

Needing to know the answer to a war question could have left Coleman feeling similarly.

Would you like to see Coleman be Cincinnati's first-round draft pick this year?