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Top 5 already released Super Bowl 50 commercials

During the Super Bowl, we always see some of the best ads (if not the best) ads of the year, and with plenty already released we're breaking down the best ones we've seen so far.

For a lot of people, the best part about Super Bowl Sunday is the unusual lengths that advertisers will go to for an eye-catching advertisement. Ad producers will employ humor, shock, awe, emotion, and just about any other tactic they can come up with to get their ads to resonate with people. We're all football fans here at Cincy Jungle, so most of us are more interested in the game than the commercials. But, that doesn't mean we can't enjoy the commercials, too! So far, there have been a bunch of Super Bowl commercials already released. Here's the five best that we've seen.

No. 5: Liam Neeson and LG: Man from the Future

Continuing with one of the most prevalent themes from last year's Super Bowl commercials, we've got the classic "product ad with blockbuster movie production" bit right here. LG decided that getting Liam Neeson to advertise their new ultra-thin TV would be really cool, and they couldn't be more right! Neeson plays a character that travels back in time to tell his younger self about the future in viewing technology, which just happens to be LG's new television. It's a bit over the top, but isn't that what Super Bowl ads are supposed to be?

No. 4: Snickers: Happy Birthday, from Willem Dafoe

This one is just a teaser so far, but it looks like Snickers is back to their old Super Bowl ad magic with this one. If they're going for uniqueness, like they did with their classic "Have a Snickers, you get a little ___ when you're hungry" ads, they've certainly found it. The classic villain typecast actor, Willem Dafoe, comes up on stage dressed as Marilyn Monroe and sings 'Happy Birthday' in his Green Goblin voice. It definitely falls under the "shock" part of the "shock and awe" category here, and the full commercial promises to be even better than this teaser!

No. 3 Super Bowl Babies

There's not a whole lot that needs to be said about this one. This ad is made up of various choirs comprised of the children of fans of teams that won the Super Bowl. The kicker? They were all born nine months after their various teams won the Super Bowl. If you haven't caught on yet, the idea is that their parents were really excited about their teams winning the Super Bowl. As the song says, "one thing led to another" and here they are. This ad pulls together hilarious, creepy, and adorable all together into one nice little ad.

No. 2 #GiveADamn: Helen Mirren and Budweiser team up against drunk driving

Helen Miren has never been known for biting her tongue, and she certainly doesn't hold back her feelings for drunk drivers in this commercial. On the same end, Budweiser is trying to do a good deed as well by teaming up with her to put together an ad against drunk driving. Is chastising drunk drivers really going to stop drunk driving? Not necessarily, but it's a good start backed by a hilarious ad with a brilliant message.

No. 1: Real Talk with Key and Peele

Key and Peele are one of the best and most saturated comedy duos out today. However, one challenge that they have yet to tackle is Super Bowl commentary. Well, if you were hoping that they would get involved and give us a break from the monotonous drawl of Phil Simms, you've got your wish. This commercial is just a taste of what they will be doing on Super Bowl Sunday, and it couldn't be more promising! Evidently, both characters have had lobotomies. What could be better than comedians riffing off of football and bringing some color to a practice that has become so dull?