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Rick Gosselin discusses Ken Anderson's Hall of Fame credentials

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One of the biggest snubs for the Hall of Fame in Bengals history is legendary quarterback, Ken Anderson. Rick Gosselin recently shared his interesting perspective on the matter.

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If there's one player who comes to mind for many Bengals fans when talking about a player who should be in the Hall of Fame but isn't, it's Ken Anderson.

Rick "Goose" Gosselin, who serves on the Pro Football Hall of Fame Senior Committee, has the same feelings about the legendary Bengals quarterback. At the NFL Combine last week, he went as far as to tell Geoff Hobson of, "[Anderson's] the best quarterback not in right now."

With a career stat line of 32,838 yards, a 59.3 percent completion rating, and a 197:160 career touchdown to interception ratio, his numbers alone are worthy of consideration. On top of that, he took the Bengals to a Super Bowl just 14 years after the team's inception as an expansion franchise in the AFL and 12 years after they joined the NFL. Throw on top of that four Pro Bowl selections and his 1981 MVP selection and you've got a candidacy that should have been successful years ago

Gosselin told Hobson one of the biggest problems with Anderson's candidacy is how many players the senior committee pool is choosing between. "Every franchise has a pool of two, three, four players that they believe have been treated unfairly by the process, and that's a pool of about 70-80 players, and we get to put in one or two at a time, and you need to try to service all the teams," he said.

When you've got that kind of backlog on Hall of Fame worthy talent, it's no wonder players like Anderson are still waiting to get in. As Gosselin says, "there are 62 All-Decade players in the pool who have never been discussed." It's "a flaw in the system".

Unfortunately, that's just the nature of the Hall of Fame. The less players that are in the Hall, the more impressive each individual enshrinement is.

"If you're one of the best players of your era, you should be considered one of the best players of all time," Gosselin said. This perspective echoes the thoughts of many Bengals fans and Hall of Fame enthusiasts who believe Anderson deserves enshrinement. "Again, Kenny's the best quarterback of that group that's not in."

Gosselin believes Anderson's "would be an easy candidacy to pitch," though, his biggest obstacle is the lack of a Super Bowl ring.

"The only problem that I see with Ken is that he didn't win a championship, and 68 percent of everyone in Canton won championships."

Even then, he believes that Anderson would still have an excellent chance. "I think if we can get Kenny in the room, it won't be that heated. I think it's a pretty easy call."

Given Gosselin's comments and some of the support that Anderson has received in his Hall of Fame campaign over the years, it seems like Anderson will be enshrined in Canton, it's only a matter when.

"It's a shame that these guys have fallen through the cracks and they have to wait 25 years to have a shot in the senior committee," he said.