Cris Collinsworth's 2016 NFL Mock Draft for the 1st round

Chris Collinsworth has his 1st round NFL mock draft posted on PFF. He's featured some trades and some surprises. Although, who would label the Cleveland Browns taking a 1st round QB as a shocker? Collinsworth does have the Bengals focusing on a WR in the first:

24. Cincinnati Bengals: Will Fuller, WR, Notre Dame

With 4.27 speed in the 40-yard dash, Fuller is one of the fastest players I’ve seen lately in college football. He consistently runs by people who have been coached all week to give him whatever he wants underneath, but not let him get behind the defense. Even against the best competition, Fuller seems to catch a deep ball every game. He’s also broken big plays on quick screens, mostly running against the grain across the field. He is not very big and has more than his share of drops, but when teams try to double A.J. Green, they will have major problems covering Fuller one-on-one.

Source: PFF

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