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NFL makes ejections automatic after 2 personal fouls in a game

The NFL has now passed a rule to eject players who commit two personal fouls in the same game.

David Kohl-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is continuing to not only try and make football a safer sport, but also harshly punish those who appear to break said rules.

The latest example comes in the NFL Competition Committee passing a new rule that will lead to players being ejected if they commit two personal fouls within a game. This is a one-year trial rule, similar to last year's trial of moving extra point attempts to the 15-yard line.


For this season, the new rule will eject any player flagged for two unsportsmanlike conduct fouls in a game. Rapoport reported last week that the proposal was expected to go through after a discussion on which penalties would count toward an ejection. The committee was expected to pick from a short list of infractions.

Also voted in was a proposal to change the spot of the snap after a touchback resulting from a free kick to the 25-yard line. Both rules will be treated as one-year experiments.

The NFL also made chop blocks illegal earlier this week.

But there's no question the two personal fouls leading to ejection is the biggest rule change this week, especially in violent and heated rivalry games like the Steelers and Bengals have every year. On one hand, this new rule would certainly lead to less extracurricular activities and force teams to be more focused on the game itself and not unnecessary acts.

On the other hand, referees are far from perfect and will make bad calls throughout a game. It will be tough to see a guy be ejected because he had one fair personal foul called on him, but then another that was completely wrong causing him to leave the game.

Pro Football Talk reported earlier this month that two personal-foul categories were being considered. The first category would consist of verbal abuse, taunting, and throwing a punch or a kick. The second category would be broader, with hits on defenseless players, impermissible use of the helmet, crown-of-helmet violations, roughing the passer, late hits, striking, kneeing, and kicking.

What are your thoughts on this and other proposed rule changes?