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Report: Cowboys planning to target Adam Jones in free agency

If the Bengals are unsuccessful in resigning their Pro Bowl cornerback, the Dallas Cowboys might pursue him.

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Despite reports that Adam Jones is one of the highest priority free agents for the Bengals this offseason, there is still plenty of speculation around the league about his potential to land elsewhere. One of those potential landing spots is the Dallas Cowboys, who Yahoo Sports is reporting as having interest in Jones.

The Yahoo report cites league sources indicating Brandon Carr is expected to be released by the Cowboys, and that Jones could be his replacement. Carr has long been a point of frustration for Cowboys fans, despite signing a free agent contract with the team valued at $50.1 million following the 2011 season. Due to his lack of production compared to his salary, the fact that the Cowboys are wanting to move on makes sense.

Why targeting Jones makes sense

Jones is expected to be fairly reasonably priced as a 32-year-old cornerback who has only been selected to one Pro Bowl.  For the relatively low price, he has still outperformed Carr virtually every year since Carr joined the Cowboys in 2012. In that span, Jones has amassed nine interceptions, 47 passes defensed, and 191 tackles.

Yahoo Sports is also reporting that Jones and his agent, Peter Schaffer ran into Cowboys' Director of Player Personnel, Stephen Jones while at an Indianapolis Steakhouse on Friday. It's not particularly surprising that an interaction like this would happen between the two as Jones briefly played for the Cowboys in 2008. Seemingly, it was a coincidence that they were all at the same restaurant during the Combine week, though, it's unclear what Jones was doing in Indianapolis.

Why targeting Jones doesn't make sense

Jones had one of his least productive years as a Pro in Dallas in 2008 before he was released in January of 2009. The Tennessee Titans had originally drafted Jones in 2005, but traded him to the Cowboys for a fourth round pick before the 2008 season as a result of  his alleged involvement in a Las Vegas shooting case. The Cowboys received relatively little production out of Jones in his one season after learning of his potential involvement in a second shooting case. It makes sense that Jones exchanged pleasantries with Stephen Jones as he would have been a significant reason for Jones' stay in Dallas

Jones initially signed with the Canadian Football League's Winnipeg Blue Bombers before the 2009 season but was not pursued further due to accidentally referring to the league as the United Football League. In 2010 he signed with the Bengals and has since been (to one extent or another) one of the more productive players on the team whether it be as a backup, cornerback or a kick/punt returner.

Let's not forget the fact that the Bengals have been linked with putting a high priority on resigning Jones. So as much as the idea of Jones to the Cowboys seems like a viable decision to make, he is going to have to make it to the free agent market in the first place.

Jones has already expressed his desire to stay in Cincinnati. After the season ended in January, he told the Cincinnati Enquirer, "I truly love it here in Cincinnati and want to be here. The Browns have done a lot for me and my family. Coach [Marvin] Lewis also. I'm a pretty loyal person when it comes to stuff like that."

That said, he said yesterday that he and his agent have yet to start talks with the Bengals. Though, according to, Jones' agent, Peter Schaffer had dinner in Indianapolis during the Combine with Paul Brown, so what Jones said seems to be false.

Likelihood of Jones going to Dallas: 3/10