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Reggie Nelson drawing interest from Titans

Will Reggie Nelson be back in Cincinnati?

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

As NFL free agency has now reached the point where the top-tier players are off the board, we're now seeing guys like Reggie Nelson draw more interest from around the league. Nelson in theory was among the best safeties to start off the free agency period, but, he's surprisingly not gaining a lot of attention.

The Bengals haven't shown a lot of interest in bringing Nelson back, but you would think the longer this plays out, the more likely it is that he returns for a lesser offer as the offseason continues. That is, if teams like the Tennessee Titans don't make a significant offer to Nelson, which could be in the cards after the franchise got in contact with him recently.

According to ESPN's Paul Kuharsky, the Titans have "touched base" with Nelson and several other free-agent safeties, though it doesn't sound like there was significant interest from both parties. Like pretty much every other team that's looked into Nelson, no one appears to be high enough on him that they're ready to offer a sizable contract.

It's surprising to see the lack of interest in Nelson around the NFL this offseason. He just tied the NFL lead with eight interceptions last year and even stated he wanted to come back to Cincinnati. The only other team to show real interest is the New York Giants, but not enough that a deal ever appeared close with them.

There has been speculation that the Bengals have already moved on from Nelson, though that may just be in the sense they're not open to bringing him back unless he drops his asking price. It's hard to believe the Bengals wouldn't bring Nelson back on a veteran minimum deal, though I doubt Nelson is willing to play for that.

Then again, is Nelson going to let his career end abruptly because he's not getting the contract he wants?