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Bengals 21st Century Draft Class Tournament: Round 2

The Bengals' past 16 draft classes have been seeded and set up in a tournament format. Vote for each matchup as we determine the best Cincinnati Bengals draft class of the millennium.

Welcome to the second round of the Bengals 21st Century Draft Class Tournament!

We have taken the past 16 Bengals draft classes and seeded them one through 16. The readers of Cincy Jungle will vote for the winner of each matchup, with one draft class advancing and one being eliminated. The tournament will continue until the good readers of Cincy Jungle have crowned a winner of the best Bengals draft class of the 21st century.

The voting for the first round of the tournament is complete, though you can go back and see each showdown here. Here is how the bracket looks as we head into the second round:

Bengals 21st Century Draft Tournament

Round 2


The #1 seed (2001), #2 seed (2011), #4 seed (2010) and the #5 seed (2003) each advanced by obliterating their opponents with voting results of 99% - 1%

Style Points:

Of the top five seeds, only the #3 seed (2006) failed to advance with a 99% - 1% destruction of their opponent. While their 92% - 8% victory was big, it wasn’t as big as the other top seeds.


The #9 seed (2013) and #10 seed (2010) were the only underdogs to advance in the tournament. The #9 edged the #8 seed while the #10 pulled of a lopsided victory over the #7 seed.

If your bracket is already busted in that "other" tournament which takes place in March, just remember, you can always turn your attention to the Bengals, and the Bengals 21st Century Draft Class Tournament, where you get to decide who advances.

Voting is now open:

Seed #1 (2001) vs Seed #9 (2013)

Seed #2 (2011) vs Seed #10 (2014)

Seed #3 (2006) vs Seed #6 (2012)