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Bengals Bytes (3/28): Shunned in Chicago

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Matt Forte isn't pleased with the way Chicago has gone about it's free agency after they told him he wasn't coming back. Jimmy Haslam knows the Browns are a still a laughing stock, and it is looking more and more like Mark Sanchez will start in Denver.

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Are The Bengals Losing Interest In Reggie Nelson?
This is the time of year that brings smiles to the faces of NFL franchise owners. The free agency period is like walking into a candy store and seeing all the goodies they’ve ever wanted. But the licking of chops isn’t always so productive. Some players are faced with sitting in limbo, while teams play hardball with them and their agents. Reggie Nelson hasn’t been signed. The Cincinnati Bengals seem to be snubbing the league’s interceptions leader.

Random Bytes

Sean Payton Comments on Safety of NFL Helmets
New Orleans Saints head coach Sean Payton is optimistic that helmet safety in the NFL will improve at "warp speed" over the next couple of years. As a guest on Russillo and Kanell on ESPN Radio on Friday, Payton said he's concerned about player safety in the short term, and helmets should be a top priority

2016 NFL Draft: Ranking the Biggest Boom-or-Bust Prospects
Just like Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne hitting the big screen together, there are always a handful of NFL prospects in each draft class who possess the potential for both lofty success and crushing disappointment. From raw but rare athletic talents to inconsistent performances that have shown flashes of greatness, this year's group of NFL draft hopefuls has its own list of players who could go off the charts in either direction at the pro level.

Courtney Upshaw reaches agreement on contract with Atlanta Falcons
The Atlanta Falcons have agreed to contract terms with former Baltimore Ravens outside linebacker Courtney Upshaw, the team announced Friday evening. Financial terms were not immediately available, but a source told ESPN that the deal is for one year.

Odell Beckham Jr. subtweets Josh Norman, who answers back
Just when you thought it was safe -- Odell Beckham Jr. and Josh Norman are at it again. Their feud originated on the field when the Carolina Panthers faced the New York Giants in Week 15. It quickly escalated from a hearty dose of trash-talk to a full-blown brawl between the two. And now, three months later, the pair have taken to Twitter to remind us that there's still no love lost.

Broncos' shrinking cap space helps Mark Sanchez's chances to start
As they concluded another week in free agency, a couple things became clear for the Denver Broncos. The first being, especially during coach Gary Kubiak’s hour-long question-and-answer session at the NFL owners meetings this past week, the Broncos like the acquisition of quarterback Mark Sanchez more than a lot of folks.

Matt Forte surprised Bears went after C.J. Anderson
Matt Forte is no longer a member of the Chicago Bears. It was a move that felt inevitable this offseason but was still emotional for the two-time Pro Bowler. That feeling turned a tad bitter when Forte was not offered a contract. He then watched as they went after Denver Broncos running back C.J. Anderson, which in the football world is the equivalent of being dumped for a shot at the younger, more attractive model.

Jimmy Haslam: Browns will be teased until they win
Browns owner Jimmy Haslam has not overseen a winning team since his purchase of the franchise back in 2012. The Browns have only made the playoffs once since the expansion in 1999. So while the club creeps into those infamous corners of the record book, Haslam shook up the Browns by handing over daily operations to Sashi Brown and Paul DePodesta, a pair known more for their back office work and baseball acumen, respectively.