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Adam Jones would bet on Dolphins having interest in signing him

Could the Bengals corner reunite with his defensive backs coach, Vance Joseph?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In terms of current playing abilities, Adam Jones is one of the NFL's best players slated to hit free agency. The 32-year-old cornerback played at a dominant level in 2015, tallying 62 tackles, a sack, 12 pass defenses and three interceptions. He allowed under 500 total receiving yards on the season, giving up just a single touchdown--a contested catch made by DeAndre Hopkins that the Texans receiver would've hauled in over any corner in the NFL. Factor in Jones' return ability, and strictly based on talen, Jones is one of the top 10 free agents on the market.

The Miami Dolphins could be among the teams interested in signing Adam Jones. After all, a reunion between the corner and his former defensive backs coach would make for a great story and seems like a sensible option.

"I think [Vance Joseph] would be interested [in signing me]," Jones said in a phone interview with FOX Sports. "He's taught me a lot and he knows I know everything in the system. He knows I'm a football guy. If I'm a betting man, I would think he's trying to bring me there."

While age will certainly play a factor in the money teams are willing to offer the Bengals corner, Jones is still one of the premiere corners in the NFL, and for this reason, it's very likely he could see a nice salary for the next couple of years. The Bengals are certainly interested in bringing back their veteran corner, but interest in the defensive back seems to be increasing on a daily basis.

To afford Jones' salary, the Dolphins would likely have to cut a few players to clear cap space, but it's always a possibility when there's mutual interest between player and coach.

In a Tuesday appearance on Pro Football Talk, Jones said he wants to return to the Bengals, but also indicated that his agent has been hearing from teams interested in signing him, which is essentially admitting that illegal tampering is going on.

Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk indicated that the Browns, Cowboys, Dolphins, Raiders and Vikings, among other teams, could be interested in Jones' services. Another report on Wednesday also emerged about the Cowboys being a contender.

Perhaps mutual interest between Jones and Vance Joseph could pose as a threat to a re-signing with the Bengals, but Katie Blackburn, Duke Tobin and the rest of Cincinnati's front office will likely send a generous offer Jones' way. If the offer is nice enough, it's possible the corner re-signs with Cincinnati before free agency even begins on Wednesday, March 9.