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Cincy Jungle Community Mock Draft: Sign Up Here!!

Sign up below and pick your team!

I thought it would be fun for us to do a community mock draft.

Essentially, you, the reader, sign up to be the GM of an NFL team. You'll make your draft choice with a one to two paragraph write up explaining why you made your pick. (If you're not a great writer, no worries, I'll edit every write up and make you sound like a pro.) We'll put up a poll asking readers to grade your pick and you'll defend your pick in the comments. This is an example of how Arrowhead Pride, the SB Nation Chiefs blog, did their first pick last year and here's their second pick.

If you'd like to take part, here's how to claim a team and join in!

Head over to the comments section below and claim a team! You must claim a team specifically and not say "I'll take whoever's left." I will update this post with who has each team next to the team names below as decisions are made.

I will contact you by email or by messaging you when you log into Cincy Jungle to get your pick so make sure you're checking the email you have listed on your SB Nation profile. If I can't get ahold of you for 24 hours, I'll make your pick myself or give it to someone else.

The schedule of when these are publishing is below. I'll contact each "GM" to get your pick and write up, so the early picks should be ready to send me their write up this weekend. Please try to have your write up to me at least 24 hours before the posting date.

Questions, comments, suggestions on how to make this better? Let me know in the comments!

Monday, April 4

1. Tennessee Titans -- Grand Master of Cool

2. Cleveland Browns -- bengalsfanforlife

Tuesday, April 5

3. San Diego Chargers -- seancs10

4. Dallas Cowboys -- WHYUS!!

Wednesday, April 6

5. Jacksonville Jaguars -- Herzog

6. Baltimore Ravens -- Bengalgrrrl

Thursday, April 7

7. San Francisco 49ers -- Touhue Cha

8. Philadelphia Eagles -- IHaveAndyDaltonHair

Friday, April 8

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers -- zzxxzz

10. New York Giants -- Mp3223

Monday, April 11

11. Chicago Bears -- NastyNati513

12. New Orleans Saints -- BeastsFromTheEast

Tuesday, April 12

13. Miami Dolphins -- koolkai123

14. Oakland Raiders -- Kibbz

Wednesday, April 13

15. Los Angeles Rams -- Troy Rooney

16. Detroit Lions -- brawnyhombre

Thursday, April 14

17. Atlanta Falcons -- rmk

18. Indianapolis Colts -- Striped Zeitgeist

Friday, April 15

19. Buffalo Bills -- dustinb2012

20. New York Jets -- retallicka

Monday, April 18

21. Washington Redskins -- beau150k

22. Houston Texans -- cincy841

Tuesday, April 19

23. Minnesota Vikings -- Trabba

24. Cincinnati Bengals -- LB3PTMAN

Wednesday, April 20

25. Pittsburgh Steelers -- TCfromDubVee

26. Seattle Seahawks -- Goobledegak

Thursday, April 21

27. Green Bay Packers -- INbengalfan

28. Kansas City Chiefs -- hyprpwnmania

Friday, April 22

29. Arizona Cardinals -- CaptainAwesome3

30. Carolina Panthers -- Primal fury

Monday, April 25

31. Denver Broncos -- 58SAMA