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Mohamed Sanu visiting the Falcons, contract could be signed soon

If Sanu does in fact leave the Bengals, wide receiver will be a huge need for the team in the draft, and potentially outside free agency, too.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this afternoon, reports emerged that Mohamed Sanu was being signed by the Falcons for a deal worth about $7 million per year. That would be a crazy amount of money for the Falcons to pay for a wide receiver who served as a fourth or even fifth receiving option for the Bengals in 2015.

Now, the breaks have been pushed and the deal has not yet been signed. But, Sanu is reportedly going to be headed to Atlanta for a visit tomorrow, and a deal could be signed while he's there, according to Pro Football Talk and a variety of other sources.

Sanu is one of the best wide receivers left on the free agent market in what was a small group that has already gotten smaller today. Travis Benjamin signed with the Chargers and former Bengals wide receiver Marvin Jones signed a huge deal with the Detroit Lions. With such a thin wide receiver free agent group, these players are getting overpaid, big time.

If Sanu does in fact sign with the Falcons, or any team other than the Bengals, wide receiver will undoubetbly be the Bengals' number one need going forward this offseason.

Update: Sanu will also visit the Patriots after visiting the Falcons, if he doesn't sign immediately in Atlanta.