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2016 NFL Draft Profile: TCU wide receiver Josh Doctson

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If the Bengals end up taking a wide receiver in the first round of the NFL draft, Doctson could be a dynamic prospect who is in play.

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Much has been made about the Bengals' need at wide receiver this year. We've discussed Marvin Jones's departure for the Detroit Lions and Mohamed Sanu's departure for the Atlanta Falcons, but speculation on how the team will handle the situation remains. They've already signed Brandon LaFell, but they've also been meeting with plenty of wide receiver prospects for the draft.

One of those prospects is Josh Doctson out of TCU. He has been a popular pick for the Bengals in many mock drafts. He makes a lot of sense for them as a dynamic playmaker who can really complement the playing style of A.J. Green. But, it will likely take their first round pick and maybe even a trade up to get him.

Josh Doctson

Height/weight: 6'2", 202 lbs

Arm Length: 31 7/8"

40-Yard Dash: 4.50 sec

Vertical Jump: 41.0"

Broad Jump: 131.0"

60-yard shuttle: 11.06 sec

NFL Comparisons:Terrance Williams (, DeAndre Hopkins (Walter Football)

Even though he has been a popular target for the Bengals in many mocks, there's a chance that Doctson doesn't fall to the Bengals at all. He's not considered the best receiver in the draft, but with a few receiver-needy teams picking ahead of the Bengals, it could really be a matter of how things pan out ahead of pick No. 24. However, he is considered a big time prospect who should have a very productive career in the NFL. He would be hard to pass up if he is available when the Bengals pick.

Doctson would be an excellent pairing with Green. If you get the ball to him, he's very likely to catch it and pick up plenty of yards after the fact. He could easily step into the role that Jones played, except his sheer physical presence should be enough to make him even more effective than Jones had the capability to be. The Bengals would do well to pick up a player of his talent to reinforce a position that was one of the best in the NFL before the exodus that occurred in free agency.

Strengths: Doctson knows what it means and what it takes to pull your weight as a team's top receiver. He was targeted nearly 40 percent of the time at TCU. A lot of that has to do with the fact that, if you get the ball to him, he's probably going to do something spectacular after the catch. He has a very good chance of finding the endzone from virtually anywhere on the field, which is a quality the Bengals will miss without Marvin Jones. He's not a highlight reel-type ball catcher, but he'll make or contest just about every catch with his 9 7/8" hands and 31 7/8" arms.

Weaknesses: He never seemed to have much of an issue against physical cornerbacks at TCU, but, his leaner frame could lead to this being a fairly significant area of concern, especially in the AFC North. He could probably stand to improve on his route-running. It's not a huge problem, but there's a good chance he's not going to burn anyone with his technique. He's also not much of a blocker and doesn't have much experience against press coverage. Most of the criticisms against him are negligible compared to his talent and ability with the ball, but these are still things that any interested NFL teams should be aware of.

Bottom Line: Doctson can be exactly the kind of player the Bengals need to continue possessing one of the best receiving corps in the NFL. His ability to produce yards after the catch is particularly enticing, as Green tends to struggle with this aspect (3.6 YAC in 2015). In the short term, he would be a great injection of talent for a reeling Bengals' receiving corps.

Projected round: 1