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NFL Draft 2016: Los Angeles Rams on the clock after blockbuster trade with Titans

This is a big trade.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

The Tennessee Titans have traded the top pick in the 2016 NFL Draft to the Los Angeles Rams, according to multiple reports.

The deal is a heavy hitter with the Rams giving up quite a lot to snag the first overall selection in this year's draft. This is sure to impact the rest of the draft, especially the Browns and their second overall selection. Here's what the trade includes:

The Rams receive:

  • 2016 first overall pick from the Titans
  • 2016 fourth round pick (No. 113 overall) from the Titans
  • 2016 sixth round pick (No. 177 overall) from the Titans.

The Titans receive:

  • 2016 first round pick (No. 15 overall) from the Rams
  • 2016 second round pick (No. 43 overall) from the Rams
  • 2016 second round pick (No. 45 overall) from the Rams
  • 2016 third round pick (No. 76 overall) from the Rams
  • 2017 first round pick in 2017 from the Rams
  • 2017 third round pick in 2017 from the Rams

That's quite a loaded trade. Are the Rams offering too much for the first overall selection? As long as the Titans draft well, this should give them the ammunition they need to effectively rebuild their roster. And now that the Rams are in the top spot, you'd have to assume they're picking a quarterback, right? What do you think of this trade?