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DeAngelo Williams, Steelers fans want to face Bengals in Week 1

Could that perhaps be because the Bengals will be down at least one key player in Week 1?

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

I'm starting to feel like the DeAngelo Williams correspondent here on Cincy Jungle, and I'm becoming less and less okay with that because the dude seems to Tweet about the Bengals every day.

On Thursday, the Steelers running back Tweeted out to his followers, asking who they want to see Pittsburgh open the season against in Week 1.

Williams listed four options, but his decision to end the tweet with "#Bengals" suggests he wants to see Cincinnati in Week 1. Though watching a bitter rivalry take place in Week 1 would be fun for NFL fans to watch, I don't think that's the reason Williams wants to play the Bengals early.

Coincidentally, Vontaze Burfict has been suspended for the first three games of the season. So is it any surprise the running back would rather face the Bengals when they're down their superstar linebacker?

Let's not forget the Twitter beef we saw between the two opposing players just a week ago.

Could Williams' reasoning for wanting to face the Bengals early be because he'd be able to avoid being tackled by Burfict? I think so.

Plenty of Steeler fans seem to want it too.

Apparently people refer to the Steelers as the "lers" now. Can someone please make fun of that?

However, many would rather see the inevitable Bengals-Steelers matchup take place in Week 4 when Burfict returns to action.

Ultimately I'm just stirring the pot here, but it does seem fishy that Williams would put "#Bengals" at the end of his Tweet, doesn't it?