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State of AFC North: Rams moving up impacts Browns, Ravens; Steelers get thinner at corner

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Pittsburgh has one more concern in the secondary that already expects quite a bit of turnover. How have things changed for the Browns and Ravens after the Rams traded for the first overall pick.

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The Rams and Titans changed everything about the first round of this years draft. The Titans sent the first overall pick to the Rams, but how does the trade directly impact the Cleveland Browns and Baltimore Ravens? There could be big ramifications within the first 10 picks that create a ripple effect for the rest of the first round. The Steelers made news Friday by cutting Cortez Allen two years into his big contract. And, is James Harrison retiring?

Baltimore Ravens

Ravens haven't been perfect in the draft

It gets mentioned all the time how well the Ravens have drafted over the years, but recently they've had some pretty big misses in the first round. First comes Matt Elam, the safety the Ravens drafted in the first round of the 2013 draft after they won the Super Bowl. Elam hasn't shown he can play in the NFL at a high level. He has struggled to even get on the field due to poor tackling and coverage, but his failure pales in comparison to the second round pick from the same draft. Arthur Brown has been nonexistent after the Ravens traded three draft picks to move up and get him. Brown has failed to start a game, and his roster spot is on the line after he has been pushed down on the depth chart.

It is easy to point these out and say the Ravens may have lost their touch, but looking at the 2013 draft they didn't have many great options without the benefit of hindsight. In fact many busts were drafted that year. Players like Dion Jordan, Barkevious Mingo, DJ Hayden, and even EJ Manuel were taken in the first round and have yet to prove their worth. Although that same year the Bengals added Tyler Eifert and Giovani Bernard, but they weren't without mistakes either as Margus Hunt hasn't quite made the impact the Bengals expected.

How the Rams and Titans deal impacts the Ravens

The Rams trading up to the first pick actually helps the Ravens quite a bit. The Rams are obviously taking a quarterback with the first overall pick, and that is something that one of the top five teams may not have done previously. This opens up the possibility of a player the Ravens are interested in actually slipping to the sixth overall pick. Meanwhile Cleveland and Dallas remain as wildcards who could also select quarterbacks. Needless to say a very talented player will most likely be making his way to Baltimore in a couple weeks.

Cleveland Browns

Josh Gordon's Reinstatement to NFL Has Been Denied

Do we still have to feel bad for Josh Gordon? Gordon gave the NFL a diluted test (which is viewed as failing) while serving his one year ban from the NFL. The NFL in turn denied his reinstatement. He can reapply for reinstatement on August 1, 2016, but who really expects him to be reinstated at this point?

So again I ask, do we still have to feel bad for this guy who essentially doesn't care enough about his opportunity in the NFL? I personally agree the NFL should explore the option of allowing players to smoke marijuana in states where it's legal, but right now, it is against the rules and laws in most states. If you had a job making millions of dollars and your boss says you have to pass a drug test to keep your job, would you be out smoking or doing drugs? If you are, why should people feel bad for you? Why do people expect Gordon to get this sympathy? Especially when there are players every year who have their careers cut short in an instant who would kill to have the opportunity Gordon had to play in the NFL. Sure, there are worse human beings playing in the NFL than Gordon, but that doesn't mean you have to feel sorry for the guy.

How the Rams and Titans deal impacts the Browns

The Rams screwed the Browns again. Long ago before the 2012 draft, the Rams held the second overall pick behind the Colts who were poised to select Andrew Luck. This left Robert Griffin III available, and since the Rams had Sam Bradford (ha) at the time they felt secure at the quarterback position (HAHA!). Ultimately a bidding war broke out between Washington and Cleveland for the pick, and the Rams went with Washington's offer. Ironically enough, Griffin III signed with Cleveland this offseason.

Reading between the lines from this tweet I'd say the Rams are interested in selecting whoever the Browns were.

Even though the Rams have sent mixed signals on who they're taking the Browns shouldn't trade out of this spot unless an offer blows them away. Even if they take the quarterback the Browns want, they're still in a great spot to add a contributor to their team for years to come. In fact, they could add one of the most versatile defensive backs in this years draft, Jalen Ramsey from Florida State, a pick that would make Joe Haden very happy. They could also add an offensive tackle to help fill the hole left by Mitchell Schwartz with Laremy Tunsil. The Browns are still in great position even though they might not end up with the quarterback they wanted.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers release cornerback Cortez Allen

The Steelers have already lost Antwon Blake and Brandon Boykin, and now, they're parting ways with Cortez Allen. Allen's departure was somewhat expected given his salary, $5 million a year, and his steep drop off in playing time; he has frequented the injury report ever since signing his five year, $24.6 million before the 2014 season. The news came friday, and the move saves the team $1.7 million in cap space this season. This only magnifies the need for a corner as the only remaining contributors at the position from last season are William Gay and Ross Cockrell. The Steelers will likely have to address the need by drafting someone and bringing in a veteran or two.

James Harrison isn't a fan of working on holidays

It seems like the Steelers got the short end of the stick as far as when they have to play. The Steelers will be playing on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years Day. James Harrison took notice.

Retirement sounds better than ever when you realize you'd have to work on Thanksgiving, Christmas & New Year's.

A photo posted by James Harrison (@jhharrison92) on

Players and fans usually are excited with getting primetime games, but it is easy to empathize with Harrison. More and more companies are staying open for these holidays and it is becoming less about spending time with families. In the NFL, you don't get to pick and choose when you work. Although, Harrison can certainly retire like he's hinting at and get to spend all the time he wants with his family!