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Is this the Bengals' 2016 Color Rush uniform for Thursday Night Football?

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Like every other team, the Bengals are getting new uniforms for the NFL's color rush program for Thursday Night Football. Here's a preview of what they might look like.

Mark Zerof-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals have had only a few uniform changes over the course of their history. They kicked off the franchise in 1968 with the well known Browns-like uniforms that featured a solid orange helmet with the word 'Bengals' written across the side. They switched to the classic tiger stripe design in 1981 and slightly updated the look in 1997. In 2003, they signaled a new direction for the franchise with bold new jerseys and pants that they still use today.

A preview of the latest jersey, part of the NFL's Color Rush program, may have been leaked on Saturday.

The black and white scheme doesn't necessarily seem to fit with the bright, bold color concept that most other NFL teams are going with for the program. But, it certainly makes sense for the Bengals to consider using these uniforms as alternates. The leak also shows the Bengals' Thursday Night Football opponent, the Miami Dolphins will be wearing an all-orange uniform.

We found a cool conceptualization of what these uniforms might look like from Reddit user FranneBoy (via r/Bengals). Here's a preview:

Bengals color rush Jeremy Hill Reddit user FranneBoy (r/Bengals)

The Bengals have always been known as the orange and black team throughout their entire history. That's always been their thing, and there's been no reason why they should change now. However, as an alternate uniform, it's kind of an interesting concept. The Cincinnati Zoo is known for having a rare white tiger exhibit. It's got a lot to do with why the team was named the Bengals in the first place.

If the leak is, in fact, true, the Bengals will be one of only three teams to feature a color rush uniform with a concept based around more than one color. They're also one of only two teams, the other one being the Ravens, who will feature a Color Rush uniform design based on a local phenomenon.

What's your verdict on these uniforms?