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QUIZ: Which positions do the Bengals draft most frequently?

Can you match the positions with how frequently Marvin Lewis and the Bengals draft them in the first two rounds?

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL draft, we're bringing you a series of quizzes to test your knowledge of Bengals' draft trivia. In this quiz we look at the Bengals draft picks from the first two rounds of the NFL draft.

There are some positions that NFL teams, such as the Bengals, are more likely to spend early draft picks on than other positions. This quiz tests your knowledge of where the Bengals like to spend their early round picks.

Since Marvin Lewis took over as head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals, can you match the positions with how frequently he drafts them in the first 2 rounds?

Select a position (on the left side) and match it by selecting an answer on the right side of how frequently the Bengals have used a first or second round pick on the positions.

Your options on the right side are: More than Twice, Twice, Less than Twice.

On the hosting site, Sporcle, the quiz takers have been rather successful in matching up all 14 positions with their draft frequency. Can our esteemed Cincy Jungle readers attain similar success?

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