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Odds for every Cincinnati Bengals regular-season game in 2016

The Bengals are currently favored to win 11 of their games in 2016.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Las Vegas based sportsbook CG Technology has released the opening odds for every scheduled NFL matchup for the 2016 regular season via*.

The Bengals are favorites to win against the Jets, Broncos, Dolphins, vs Browns, Redskins, Giants, Bills, at Ravens, Eagles, at Browns, and Texans. That's 11 games the Bengals are currently favorites to win. Two other games are pick'ems, the Week 5 matchup against the Cowboys in Dallas and the Week 15 matchup against the Steelers at home in Cincinnati.

Week 1

Bengals at Jets (+1, Over/Under: 43)

Week 2

Bengals at Steelers (-4)

Week 3

Broncos at Bengals (-3)

Week 4

Dolphins at Bengals (-6.5)

Week 5

Bengals at Cowboys (Pick)

Week 6

Bengals at Patriots (-4)

Week 7

Browns at Bengals (-11.5)

Week 8

Washington at Bengals *Played in London, England* (-4)

Week 9

Bengals - BYE

Week 10

Bengals at Giants (+2)

Week 11

Bills at Bengals (-5.5)

Week 12

Bengals at Ravens (+1.5)

Week 13

Eagles at Bengals (-5)

Week 14

Bengals at Browns (+7.5)

Week 15

Steelers at Bengals (Pick)

Week 16

Bengals at Texans (+1)

*The one 2016 season game in 2017, Week 17, which takes place on January 1, 2016 is not included in the currently released odds.