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Quiz: Bengals draft picks from obscure football schools

How well do you know which obscure colleges and universities that the Bengals have made a draft pick from in their history?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL draft, we're bringing you a series of quizzes to test your knowledge of Bengals' draft trivia. In this quiz we look at the Bengals draft picks from the first two rounds of the NFL draft.

Not every Bengals draft picks comes from SEC schools such as Alabama and Georgia . Over the years, the Cincinnati Bengals have drafted from some schools which are pretty obscure, and unknown to most college football fans. About a dozen years ago, the Bengals made two selections from such schools when they drafted Jeremi Johnson from Western Kentucky and Khalid Abdullah from Mars Hill.

In this quiz, there are a whopping 45 schools listed. The Bengals have drafted from 15 of these schools MORE than once, have drafted from 15 of these schools ONLY once, and have NEVER drafted from the remaining 15 schools.

Your mission is to match up the schools with the number of times the Bengals have drafted a player from those schools in their history.

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To play, use your mouse to click a school on the left, and then, click your response on the right. Continue until you answer all questions!