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QUIZ: Name the Cincinnati Bengals' all-time best draft picks at each position

Can you name the Cincinnati Bengals' All-Time Best Draft Picks at Each Position (based on their careers as a Bengal)?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL draft, we bring you a quiz to test your knowledge of Bengals' draft trivia. This quiz is rather straightforward - name the colleges and universities which the Bengals have drafted from the most frequently since 2003, since Marvin Lewis took over as head coach.

In this quiz we are filling out the Bengals' all-time roster by naming the best players at each position to be drafted by the Bengals. Because this is the Bengals' all-time roster, the players were selected based on their production as Bengals. Their Priority was given to players based on career statistical accumulations and awards. Players had to play at least one season as a Bengal at the specified position.

As such, the answers are players who:

  • Were drafted by the Bengals (Terrell Owens and James Brooks wouldn't count)
  • Evaluated based on their production as Bengals (Alfred Williams' All-Pro year in Denver doesn't help his cause here)
  • Preference was given to a player's total production over flash in the pan careers (no Odell Thurman)

Correct spelling is required, but you only need to spell the last name. Also, you can answer the questions in any order.

On the hosting site for the quiz, Sporcle, over half of the quiz takers have been able to correctly name 10~12 of the players, and about three fourths of the respondents have correctly named 7~15 members of the all-time roster.

Only 16% have managed to get at least 16 of the names, while under 7% have been able to get all 25. Feel free to share how well you did in the quiz, and share if you disagree with any of the selections for the all-time draft team.

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Good luck!