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QUIZ: Name every Bengals compensatory draft selection

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The Bengals have selected 23 compensatory draft picks in their history. How many can you name?

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL draft, we bring you a quiz to test your knowledge of Bengals' draft trivia. This quiz seeks to name each of the Bengals 23 compensatory draft picks the team has made in their history.

Beginning with the 1994 NFL Draft, the NFL has been doling out 32 compensatory draft picks each year to compensate teams for the loss of qualifying unrestricted free agents who were lost during the free agency period.

In their history, the Bengals have received 23 such picks, including 18 in the past nine NFL drafts. Unfortunately, most of these picks have been unsuccessful for the Bengals. Of the 23 selections, 10 of them never played a single game for the Bengals. The average number of career games played for the Bengals by these picks is a mere 13.9, and only four of them managed to play in more than one and a half seasons worth of games (24) for the Bengals.

With such a lackluster list of candidates, your task is not without difficulty. So, to make it a little easier, the year they were drafted, the round they were drafted, and the position they played are all provided.

Good luck!

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