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QUIZ: Name the Bengals' second round draft picks

Can you name every second round Cincinnati Bengals draft pick since 1994? Good luck!

Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In the spirit of preparing for the NFL draft, we bring you a quiz to test your knowledge of Bengals draft trivia. This quiz is rather straightforward - name each of the Bengals' second round picks since 1994.

This is a more challenging version of the previously published quiz, naming the Bengals first round picks from the same time period.

Hopefully you remember some of the more recent second round picks of the Cincinnati Bengals, and more importantly, hopefully you remember how to spell their names.

But how far back can you go? The quiz goes back to 1994, since that is the first draft of the common era with things such as a seven round draft, and compensatory picks.

Enter just the last name for the quiz to accept the answer. And yes, correct spelling is required.

On the previous Cincy Jungle quiz, naming the first round picks, over 25% of our readers got all 24 answers correct, and over 60% got at least 20 of 24 names. Can we do as well naming the Bengals' second round selections?

There will be more quizzes coming to challenge your Bengals' draft expertise. Feel free to share how well you do on the quiz in the comments. Good luck!

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