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Andy Dalton, Tyler Eifert lobbying for WR help from respective colleges

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Could the Bengals add another TCU or Notre Dame player?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

The Bengals look poised to draft a wide receiver in the NFL Draft this weekend. Who that receiver will be and when the player is drafted are among the biggest questions surrounding the draft. But if Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton or tight end Tyler Eifert have their way, it could be a Texas Christian or Notre Dame star who the Bengals add on Thursday.

Josh Doctson out of TCU and Will Fuller out of Notre Dame are two of the top receiver prospects and both have been frequently mocked to the Bengals.

"I know him," Dalton said of his fellow Horned Frog via the Associated Press. "He’s been down at TCU working out when I (was), so I’ve gotten to know him some. He’s a good kid. He’s going to be successful with whatever team he gets to. He’s a guy that I've watched, obviously, because I follow TCU more than any of those other guys. I’m rooting for him."

In March at TCU's Pro Day, Dalton said he'd love for the Bengals to draft Doctson, while acknowledging he was biased.

"You obviously know the top guys that are coming out because that’s what everybody’s talking about," Dalton said continuing to discuss the potential of the Bengals drafting Doctson. "I’m not watching film like everybody. You kind of hear what other people say about them. Obviously there are some very talented guys that if they happen to wind up with us, I wouldn’t complain about it. We’ll see what happens."

But, Doctson isn't the only top receiver in the Draft with a college connection on the Bengals. Eifert is rooting for Fuller, a member of the Fighting Irish from 2013-2015; their time at Notre Dame did not overlap.

"Maybe we take him, maybe we don't. No one's told me anything," Eifert said last week via ESPN. "But it's kind of cool when you see a Notre Dame guy."

Asked last week if he had been lobbying the Bengals front office to draft Fuller, Eifert smiled again, this time saying, "I've got two weeks to get that done."

Would you like to see Doctson or Fuller drafted by the Bengals?