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NFL Draft 2016: Full 7-round NFL Draft order including trades

We have the full NFL Draft order to help get you through Draft weekend.

Al Bello/Getty Images

The NFL Draft is almost here! As a refresher and guide for Draft weekend, here is the full seven-round NFL Draft order including each of the Bengals' 2016 NFL Draft picks. The Bengals have picks 24, 55, 87, 122, 161, 199 and 245.

While there's no way to know exactly what time the Bengals will make their first pick, pick No. 24 was selected at 10:42 p.m. ET in 2015 and the Bengals selected Darqueze Dennard with pick No. 24 in 2014 around 10:55 p.m ET.

Here is the full 2016 NFL Draft order.