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NFL Draft 2016: Wide Receiver draft rumors heading into Round 1

Most of what is currently being said is a smokescreen, but it's still important to note what is being said right now.

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Who can't wait until the Bengals make their pick tonight? I'm ecstatic, not only to see who will be the next member of the Cincinnati Bengals but also because that just means I'm one day closer to the end of draft rumors.

Rumor 1: The Jets could target a wide receiver such as Josh Doctson or Will Fuller in the first round.

If a run on wide receivers really does happen in Round 1 like all of the rumors are suggesting, the Bengals could have a great shot to land a solid defender, particularly at the cornerback position. Guys like William Jackson III and Mackensie Alexander could potentially plunge down the Draft board if wide receivers are coming off the board instead. If the Bengals opt for a defensive tackle or defensive end in Round 1, there's a good chance one of their top guys could be available. And if the Bengals have been putting up smokescreens to select Michael Thomas, they'll likely be able to take him; Thomas hasn't been connected to any of the teams who many anticipate will select a wideout in the first round.

Rumor 2: The Browns could finally select a wide receiver in the first round.

Again, if teams make a run on wide receivers in the first round, that could give the Bengals a serious chance to land one of the top prospects on defense, whether at defensive line, linebacker or in the secondary. The Bengals have also expressed there's a possibility they trade back at some point in the Draft.

Rumor 3: The Vikings may not be set on a wide receiver in the first round.

Walter Football's Tony Pauline noted that the Vikings have made it clear that they're not set on selecting a wide receiver in the first round. If a guy they like, such as Mississippi State's Robert Nkemdiche is still there, they could opt for another position. Here's exactly what Pauline had to say in his latest rumors post:

While everyone has seemingly mocked a wide receiver to the Minnesota Vikings in Round 1, recent reports by the team say they are not locked on to a receiver at that spot. Yesterday, sources told me the Vikings will consider Robert Nkemdiche in Round 1 if he's still available when they are called to the clock.

Rumor 4: People are starting to notice that Michael Thomas is being undervalued.

Later on in his same rumors post, Pauline noted that Michael Thomas could be a guy to keep an eye on. He pointed out that the Bengals graded Thomas highly earlier in the Draft process.

Several teams believe Ohio State wide receiver Michael Thomas is being undervalued and will be a much better NFL receiver than college wideout. They point to the fact he was the third and sometimes fourth option on the Buckeyes offense and also look at the advanced statistics (number of times targeted versus number of passes caught). I'm told the San Diego Chargers have been in contact with Thomas recently. The Cincinnati Bengals also give high grades to the wideout.

Rumor 5: The Giants could be interested in Laquon Treadwell. post cited one of Pauline's most recent rumor posts, claiming that Laquon Treadwell seems to be high on the Giants' draft board. If the Giants manage to trade down in the first round, they could potentially target Treadwell later in the first round.

Rumor 6: Will Fuller is the top receiver on the Texans' draft board.

This rumor has been out for a while. Charlie Campbell of WalterFootball reported this rumor today, but's Daniel Jeremiah had anticipated the Texans selecting Fuller since the first week of April. Fuller coming off the board prior to pick 24 could potentially prevent possible riots from happening in downtown Cincinnati, as many Bengal fans oppose the idea of Fuller being the Bengals' first-round selection.


Most importantly, if the Bengals are targeting a wide receiver, it looks like Josh Doctson and Corey Coleman are their top two guys with Will Fuller being the third option. Rumor has it, they don't have a Round 1 grade on Laquon Treadwell. But again, you can't believe everything you read. Dave Lapham insinuated that Doctson and Coleman are the top two on the Bengals' board, but that they believe each will be gone by pick No. 24. Again, all of these rumors are just rumors, and it's entirely possible that nothing mentioned in this post is completely true. If any, or all, of these rumors are true, the Bengals should be able to select someone who, earlier on in the draft process, was anticipated to come off the board a long time before the Bengals would be on the clock.