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Bengals Draft 2016: Day 2 winners and losers for Cincinnati

Andy Dalton has a new toy to play with in Pitt receiver Tyler Boyd. Here's a look at all of the winners and losers as a result of the Bengals' Day 2 draft selections.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

On Day two of the NFL Draft, the Bengals selected Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd and Utah State linebacker Nick Vigil. While most fans were hoping to see a wide receiver drafted by the end of the third round, linebacker was a lesser need for the team, and some feel the Bengals reached to select Vigil who was expected to be drafted on Day 3. Before Round 4 begins, let's take a look at those who benefited most and least from the Bengals' Day 2 Draft selections.


Andy Dalton: Arguably the biggest winner of Day 2 was quarterback Andy Dalton, who now has Pitt receiver Tyler Boyd to help pick up the slack with Marvin Jones and Mohamed Sanu having left this offseason. Losing those two could have made life a lot harder on Dalton, but adding Boyd helps ensure there's not a huge dropoff in 2016.

That should help keep Dalton producing at the blistering rate he was last year. While Boyd may have not been the best receiver in this draft, he may very well end up being the best slot receiver Dalton gets to throw to.

A.J. Green: Getting Tyler Boyd doesn't just benefit the quarterback. It also is a big help to whoever the No. 1 receiver is. In this case, A.J. Green is the clear No. 1 and the primary focus of opposing defenses. With Boyd now here, he can help keep defenses from completely focusing their defense on Green with double teams.

Not having reliable options after the No. 1 guy can make him as ineffective as the other options. Green needs help to be great, and Boyd hopefully is good enough to keep defenses from focusing too much on the star receiver. And since there's Tyler Eifert, Giovani Bernard and Brandon LaFell, as well as the rest of the wide receiver depth chart, too, the Boyd pick should be a big help.


Backup Linebackers: To this point, Bengals backup linebackers were slowly inching toward not only the ability to secure a spot on the 53-man roster, but perhaps even playing significant snaps next season. With Vontaze Burfict suspended for the first three games and A.J. Hawk being cut this week, that left a lot of playing time to be had by guys like Marquis Flowers, Jayson DiManche and Trevor Roach.

Now, they may not even have a job this year. By spending a third-round pick on Utah State linebacker Nick Vigil, those three aforementioned backers now have one less chance to earn a roster spot next season. Vigil will have to be a colossal bust for him to not make the roster in his rookie season.

That means either Flowers, DiManche or Roach may have just lost their roster spot for next season. Flowers spent 2015 on Injured Reserve and DiManche was on and off NFL rosters all season. Roach spent 2015 on the Bengals' practice squad, but was actually added to the 53-man roster for the Wild Card game.

Bengals Fans: Both of these picks could end up being really good and the players could turn out to be stars. But, until they show that, fans will be left hoping and wishing and wondering if these are the picks that will help the Bengals to finally win a Super Bowl. So, in a way, we're the biggest losers for having more to ponder for the next few months.