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2016 Cincy Jungle Community NFL Mock Draft: Dallas Cowboys select...

Is Joey Bosa the best player in the 2016 NFL Draft? Dallas Cowboys GM, WHYUS!! (in the Cincy Jungle Community NFL Mock Draft) thinks so!

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

With pick No. 4 in the Cincy Jungle Community NFL Mock Draft, Dallas Cowboys GM, WHYUS!! selects...

Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State University

With the No. 4 pick, the Cowboys select none other than the next J.J. Watt.

Bosa is a very talented DE who can play inside and outside on the defensive line. He has even been able to drop back into coverage at times, but I don't recommend that. Some people may say he's seems lackadaisical at times because he just sounds like one of those big dumb jocks that we all went to school with. You know the ones... Well, I'm here to tell those people that he a very smart football player. He knows football. He isn't a hyper player and he doesn't get too excited, but he is known to never take any plays off. He goes extremely hard every play and usually needs to be double teamed on almost every down. If he was not doubled teamed he was tripled teamed and was still able to make havoc in the pocket. He's like a big Diesel engine that doesn't quit.  Bosa is also known as a very durable player and a stand up guy on and off the field. While the Cowboys could use some damage control from signing Greg Hardy in 2015, Bosa is the best fit.

In my opinion Bosa is the best player in this draft and is an absolute steal at the 4th pick, because in my honest opinion he should have gone first overall.

Joey Bosa fills a very much needed spot on the Cowboys. After losing Ware and now Hardy, this Cowboys team needs a pass rusher in a bad way. I thought about taking Ezekiel Elliott, because Jerry Jones loves talented offensive players, but Bosa fills a much needed spot and is the best player available, by far.

Mock draft order

1. TitansOT Laremy Tunsil, Ole Miss

2. BrownsQB Jared Goff, California

3. ChargersCB Jalen Ramsey, FSU

4. Cowboys - DE Joey Bosa, OSU