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Bengals Draft: PFF grades, evaluation for Bengals Round 2 and 3 NFL Draft selections

What does PFF have to say about Tyler Boyd and Nick Vigil? Check it out here.

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Pro Football Focus shared some of their stats and facts on the Bengals' Day 2 picks to help us learn more about the new Cincinnati Bengals. While PFF believes the Bengals reached for both of their Day 2 picks, they still have some great things to say about second round pick Tyler Boyd, and some interesting information on third round pick Nick Vigil.

Pitt wide receiver Tyler Boyd ranked 11th on PFF's list of wide receivers in the NFL Draft, valuing him as a solid Round 2 Draft pick. He was also ranked among the best ACC players in the draft.

The Pittsburgh wide receiver is the only offensive player making our list of the top prospects from the ACC; however, it would still be a mild surprise if he heard his name on the first day of the NFL Draft. Even though he failed to reach the 1,000-yard milestone in 2015, he had another strong season as he finished with more than 120 targets for the second straight year. Whilst he has been targeted very frequently, Boyd did not drop many passes as he had only 10 drops on 252 targets over the past two seasons.

Here's an excerpt from Boyd's PFF scouting profile:

Stats to know:

Dropped just 10 of the 182 catchable passes thrown his way between 2014 and 2015

What he does best:

  • Diverse route runner who has success on the majority of routes ran in 2015. Had at least one reception on 13 different routes, with no more than 191 of his receiving yards coming on a single route type
  • Despite this, the post was his best route, catching all nine catchable passes thrown his way on posts for 191 yards and two touchdowns
  • Smart route runner with good footwork, something that helped him make the reception on 93 percent of the passes thrown his way on hitch routes
  • Versatility extends to position too. Spend most of his snaps at outside wide receiver, but also spent 223 snaps in the slot, so should fit most NFL offenses in some way

Biggest concerns:

  • Really wasn't a big play threat in 2015, averaging just 10.0 yards per catch on 94 receptions, with a season-long of 51. Did average 16.1 yards per catch in 2014, but again his season-long wasn't earth shattering at 53 yards
  • Big question on how well he can get separation downfield, caught just four of the 15 passes thrown his way on go-routes
  • Ability to make people miss dropped in 2015. Forced nine missed tackles from 78 receptions in 2014, but that dropped to six from 94 this year

One of Boyd's strengths is his ability to play on the outside or in the slot. PFF notes that at Pitt, he spent 318 of his 589 snaps at outside wide receiver, and 223 in the slot.

The Bengals selected boyd with pick No. 55 in Round 2, but PFF graded him as their 82nd best player in the Draft.

82. Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

At +18.2, just three players in this draft class had a higher receiving grade than Boyd. His grades over the past two years were almost identical, with the Pittsburgh playmaker coming in at +22.2 last year and +22.9 this year. He dropped five passes in each of the past two seasons, but did see 16 more catchable passes thrown his way this year, so his drop rate improved from 6.02 to 5.05.

Now, let's get to Nick Vigil who many Bengals fans are trying to understand more on and figure out why the Bengals decided to draft him in Round 3.

Senior Analyst Steve Palazzolo gave this selection a C and said this:

Cincinnati adds more linebacker depth in Vigil who uses his athleticism  to find the football in the running game. He has 136 run stops over the last two years, and he graded positively across the board. However, he still has work to do and needs to show more down-to-down consistency.

The Bengals do have the luxury of being able to develop Vigil if that's what they want to do, but, many fans would have rather seen an immediate impact player drafted in Round 3. Vigil should be able to come in and play immediately on special teams. And, as the Bengals recently released linebacker A.J. Hawk who didn't really play on special teams, it makes sense to add a young guy who will work on both defense and special teams.

Prior to the Draft, PFF saw Vigil as a Day 3 pick for a linebacker needy team line the Bills:

Day 3 option: Nick Vigil, Utah State

Like Ragland, Vigil graded positively as a pass-rusher, against the run, and in coverage. He improved in coverage this year, grading at -2.5 in 2014 and +5.5 last season.

PFF ranked Vigil as their 205th best player in the NFL Draft. The Bengals drafted him with pick No. 88.

205. Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State

A productive linebacker, Vigil isn't great taking on blocks but he can find the ball and graded positively in coverage, against the run and as a pass rusher.