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PFF names Billings, Vigil as best, worst 2016 Bengals Draft picks

The Bengals continue to earn praise for their selection of Andrew Billings.

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It's rarely a team's fourth round Draft pick that gets the most praise. But such is the case for the Bengals' selection of Andrew Billings. On Draft weekend, many Bengals fans wanted the team to select Billings in Round 1 when no receivers were left on the board worthy of pick No. 24. Then in round 2, the thought went across fans' minds. That happened again in Round 3. Finally, in Round 4 while trying to understand why he was still available, Bengals fans rejoiced when Billings' name was read as the Bengals' selection.

Releasing their best and worst picks for each team in the 2016 NFL DraftPro Football Focus lauded the Bengals for their selection of Andrew Billings:

Best: Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor (Rd. 4, No. 122)

How he fell all the way to the fourth round, I have no idea. Even if he can't rush the passer, his upside as a run stuffer warranted an earlier selection. The Bengals landed a lot of good values in this draft.

Considering where analysts had him pegged on their draft boards, Billings was one of the biggest steals of the Draft. He may not be the most explosive pass rusher in the Draft, but with Geno Atkins annihilating opposing backfields, the Bengals haven't been in huge need of an additional interior pass-rusher. If anything, the team hopes Marcus Hardison can fill the role Wallace Gilberry played on the interior in nickel packages.

Billings was one of the best run-stuffing prospects in the 2016 NFL Draft, and the Bengals were able to land him in the fourth round. That's highway robbery.

Pro Football Focus, like many Bengal fans, wasn't initially a huge fan of the Nick Vigil selecting in Round 3, naming that the Bengals' worst pick of the Draft.

Worst: Nick Vigil, LB, Utah State (Rd. 3, No. 87)

Another player that we liked, but not enough to justify the third round selection. We can't argue with the pick though as Vigil's athletic upside and top 30 coverage grade among all linebackers in the FBS last year are intriguing.

Like many fans, PFF saw where the Bengals were coming from in making the selection. Vigil is an excellent coverage linebacker whose instincts distinguish him as a potential impact starter down the line. But when it comes to draft value, PFF may argue that Vigil could've been available in the fourth round. The Packers reportedly wanted Vigil in the third round, so we'll never know if the Bengals would've been able to wait until Round 4 to select the Utah State linebacker. However, with the selection of Andrew Billings in the fourth round, most Bengal fans are satisfied with the way the middle rounds of the Draft panned out.