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College football fan ignorant of NFL says Bengals won Draft

We're turning to someone who doesn't know much about the NFL, but definitely knows and loves college football to tell us what they think of the Bengals' 2016 Draft class.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
SB Nation college football writer, Jason Kirk doesn't know much about the NFL. But, he loves college football.

Without knowing anything about NFL team needs and simply by evaluating the 2016 NFL Draft based on the college players he knows and has followed, he ranked the top 5 Draft classes of 2016, identifying five clear standouts among the 32 Draft classes each team has compiled.

Kirk ranked the Bengals fourth and had this to say about the Bengals' Draft class:

4. Cincinnati Bengals

1 (24). William Jackson III, CB, Houston

2 (55). Tyler Boyd, WR, Pittsburgh

3 (87). Nick Vigil, MLB, Utah State

4 (122). Andrew Billings, DT, Baylor

5 (161). Christian Westerman, G, Arizona State

6 (199). Cody Core, WR, Ole Miss

7 (245). Clayton Fejedelem, S, Illinois

Vigil helped lead one of the country's most bafflingly consistent defensive powers, Billings might've been the best value pick of the entire draft, and Westerman looked like a top guard prospect to me. Also, Ole Miss fans got super fired up when Core went off the board, which always feels like a good sign.

Washington (5), Oakland (3), Jacksonville (2) and Cleveland (1) are the other four teams on the list, with the Browns coming in with the best Draft class, per Kirk. It's not too hard to understand why as they had 14 draft picks, so Kirk was bound to find some solid players among the group.