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Steelers favored over Bengals to win AFC North

The Steelers haven't done much to improve this offseason, but oddsmakers are betting on Pittsburgh over Cincinnati to win the AFC North.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports has released divisional odds for the 2016 NFL season and surprise, surprise bettors are favoring the Steelers over the Bengals to win the AFC North.

The Bengals aren't the only division winners from 2015 who don't have the best odds among the teams in their division. The Cardinals have taken a backseat to the Seahawks, the Vikings have the second best odds after the Packers, the Redskins are tied for the worst odds in the NFC East after winning the division last year and the Colts are back on top after the Texans won the AFC South in 2015.

It's only May and these odds are sure to change frequently before any division winners are actually declared, but here's an early look at Bovada's odds for the division champions in 2016.

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC North         

Pittsburgh Steelers                    5/4                

Cincinnati Bengals                     7/4            

Baltimore Ravens 11/4   

Cleveland Browns 20/1

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC East           

New England Patriots 5/11                 

Buffalo Bills 21/4             

New York Jets 21/4         

Miami Dolphins 8/1                    

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC South         

Indianapolis Colts                      5/4                   

Houston Texans                        2/1                   

Jacksonville Jaguars 7/2        

Tennessee Titans 10/1                 

Odds to Win the 2016-17 AFC West          

Denver Broncos 9/5                   

Kansas City Chiefs 9/5                   

Oakland Raiders 11/4          

San Diego Chargers 13/2            

Odds to Win the 2016-17 NFC East            

Dallas Cowboys 7/4              

New York Giants 9/4   

Philadelphia Eagles 15/4     

Washington Redskins                15/4                 

Odds to Win the 2016-17 NFC North         

Green Bay Packers                    2/3                   

Minnesota Vikings                     9/4        

Chicago Bears 9/1                   

Detroit Lions 9/1            

Odds to Win the 2016-17 NFC South         

Carolina Panthers 1/2

Atlanta Falcons 21/4                 

New Orleans Saints 6/1

Tampa Bay Buccaneers 6/1                   

Odds to Win the 2016-17 NFC West                              

Seattle Seahawks                      10/11                           

Arizona Cardinals                      7/5                               

Los Angeles Rams 15/2                            

San Francisco 49ers 20/1