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NFL punishes Ravens for illegal OTA activities

The Ravens are being punished for illegal practice methods conducted during a rookie minicamp.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

In today's NFL, it's become pretty hard to cheat with so many eyes and ears around all 32 teams, but the Baltimore Ravens apparently didn't get that memo.

The Ravens have been investigated by the NFL this offseason for using full pads at a recent rookie mini-camp, which is a violation of the collective bargaining agreement. On Thursday, the team issued a statement regarding the NFL handing down a punishment that involves losing OTA practices for one week and fines to the team, as well as head coach John Harbaugh.

Per Pro football Talk, the Ravens responded to the report by saying that players were in the pads for five minutes because they were not aware that CBA rules barred teams from using during rookie mini-camps and that players were pulled from the field to remove them when the team was made aware.

According to the Baltimore Sun"All of the Ravens' practices, including the rookie minicamp, are taped." That makes it pretty hard for Baltimore to cheat and super-easy to get caught, which they did.

Baltimore will be without three of its 10 total OTA workouts, but will still have all of mandatory mini-camp and training camp sessions. Depending on how hefty the fines are, this may be a meaningless punishment but for a team coming off a disastrous 5-11 year marred by injuries, even the smallest OTA is important for the Ravens heading into the 2016 season.