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Bengals will travel nearly 17,000 miles in 2016, mostly thanks to London game

The Bengals will be getting their passports stamped this season.

Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Prior to the announcement of the Bengals' London home game, it appeared as though the Bengals would be able to take a rest in 2016, after traveling over 16,000 miles for road games throughout the 2015 season. However, that won't be the case.

According to CBS Sports, the AFC North--Bengals excluded--have far and away the fewest miles to travel throughout the 2016 season. The Steelers, Browns and Ravens will travel less than any other NFL club in 2016, with under 7,100 total miles each. Cincinnati is slated to travel 8,966 for road games, but the team will travel nearly 8,000 additional miles to face the Redskins in a Week 8 London home game.

Though the Ravens had to travel more than the Bengals in 2014 and 2015, Cincinnati's London trip and additional road mileage in 2016 puts the Bengals at a significantly higher total mileage from 2014-16 than the rest of the AFC North. Interestingly enough, the Steelers have traveled the least of any NFL team over the past three years. Pittsburgh has been lucky enough to travel under 6,000 miles twice in the past three years, while 31 other teams have yet to travel under 6,000 miles in a season since 2014.

Before you go blaming the NFL schedule makers, it's important to note that each team's schedule is predetermined years before a season starts. Each team's schedule is composed of six divisional games, four games against an additional AFC division, four games against an NFC division and two more games against teams from the remaining AFC divisions who finished with the same placing in the division.

For example, in 2017, we already know the Bengals will play the AFC North teams twice, the AFC South, the NFC North and the teams from the AFC West and AFC East which finish in the same placing in regards to their respective divisions as the Bengals finish in the AFC North.

In terms of total 2016 miles traveled, the Bengals rank 16th in the NFL, while the Ravens, Browns and Steelers rank 30th, 31st and 32nd. And contrary to popular belief, long road trips don't directly correlate to a team's success. The Seahawks, Patriots and Broncos have all traveled more than the Bengals over the past three seasons, while only the Steelers have traveled a lesser mileage than the Browns and Titans since 2014.

Disregarding the London home game, the Bengals would rank 28th in the NFL in total miles traveled. That's good news if you're a Bengals fan from the Ohio area. Cincinnati will play very close to home this season. I envy Ohio Bengal fans, as the closest game to my hometown of San Diego will be an away game in Houston. So while I won't be able to enjoy a 2016 Bengals game in person, things could always be worse. At least I own a comfortable couch.