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AJ McCarron back with Bengals after birth of son Tripp

McCarron is apparently a baby whisperer... Or something like that.

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Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

AJ McCarron has a new skill to add to his resume: baby expediter.

Having a baby is painful, so we hear, but McCarron helped his wife, Katherine Webb, to make the experience the easiest one the McCarron's doctor had ever been a part of.

"She laughed him out," McCarron said on Tuesday via Local 12. "She literally laughed twice hard, and he was out. The doctor was like, 'That was probably the easiest delivery I've been a part of.'"

Per Local 12:

McCarron said he used a line from the movie World War Z that he and Katherine like to use with each other jokingly. The line comes from a scene in which the character played by actor Brad Pitt tells a female Israeli soldier to "Gut Up" when he changes the bandage on her arm he had to amputate after she was bitten by a zombie.

As Katherine was going through labor, AJ said he dropped that line on her.

"When she was breathing hard and the doc was like, 'You're going to be fine,' and I was like, "Gut Up," and all of a sudden (she laughed) and out he came," said McCarron.

McCarron is already loving being a dad. “I love it. Literally. I love it," he said via the Enquirer. "Such a good baby. Sleeps a long time, never cries, pretty like his mama. He’s good.”

McCarron participated in OTAs for the first time today after missing last week due to the birth of his son, Tripp. His week-long break from the sport was the longest departure from the game McCarron can remember taking in quite some time. McCarron, who was hoping for a boy, got what we wanted and now, while he misses spending time with his son, his focus is back on football after a week away from the game.

"I was a little nervous," McCarron said of his first day back with the Bengals. "It literally felt like it was my first time back like after my injury, but I think after that first period I completed most every pass and felt fine."

Webb shared this update (via McCarron) on Instagram:

Mommy is exhausted and recovering so here is an update ❤️

A photo posted by Katherine Webb-McCarron (@_katherinewebb) on

It seems like McCarron's skills go beyond the football field and I bet women would pay good money to have McCarron tell them a joke to speed up their delivery process.