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Bengals Super Bowl LI odds improve after 2016 NFL Draft

Bovada, the oddsmakers and sports betting hub for a number of different avenues, has released a post-NFL Draft version of their Super Bowl odds for all 32 NFL teams. The Bengals must have done something right last week, as their chances have improved.

Mike Lawrie/Getty Images

One of professional football's flagship events in the NFL Draft is officially in the books, but teams are just starting to gear up for official workouts in their pursuit of a championship. The newest class of prospects will be joining their respective teams, whose optimism has to be high because of the exciting additions to their respective rosters.

Bovada, one of the largest sports betting hubs in the world, periodically releases updated Super Bowl odds for each NFL team. Since the new year, Bovada has had two odds releases, coinciding with with end of the 2015 season, and then a few days after free agency.

The latter gauges what moves each team has made and how it affects its roster. The same is true for their most recent release, which falls after the conclusion of last weekend's festivities.

In Bovada's most recent incarnation, the Bengals have improved their odds from 22/1 to 18/1 after the conclusion of the Draft. It's also a jump from their 20/1 odds after the Denver Broncos defeated the Carolina Panthers in Super Bowl 50. At the 18/1 odds, the Bengals are the fourth-highest rated AFC team behind the Patriots (7/1), Steelers (10/1), and the Broncos (16/1).

Patriots 7/1
Seahawks 8/1
Packers 10/1
Steelers 10/1
Panthers 11/1
Cardinals 14/1
Broncos 16/1
Bengals 18/1
Cowboys 22/1
Colts 22/1
Vikings 22/1
Chiefs 25/1
Giants 25/1
Raiders 25/1
Ravens 33/1
Texans 33/1
Jets 40/1
Redskins 40/1
Falcons 50/1
Bills 50/1
Bears 50/1
Rams 50/1
Eagles 50/1
Lions 66/1
Jaguars 66/1
Dolphins 66/1
Saints 66/1
Chargers 66/1
Buccaneers 75/1
Browns 100/1
49ers 100/1
Titans 100/1

The longer odds against the Bengals back in mid-March mostly came with their losing of two free agent wide receivers in Mohamed Sanu and Marvin Jones. It's also longer than the 12/1 figure the Las Vegas Westgate gave the team back in February.

Obviously, aside from the positive grades the Bengals have received from their 2016 Draft class, the oddsmakers feel as if they did a good job at filling up the rest of their roster there and in free agency. Tyler Boyd and Brandon LaFell look like suitable replacements for Jones and Sanu, while the Bengals have Cedric Ogbuehi stepping in for Andre Smith at right tackle, and were able to retain other valuable players in Vincent Rey, Adam Jones and George Iloka.

A lot will play out over the next couple of summer months and these odds might fluctuate a bit, but many feel that Cincinnati has a solid shot to hoist the Lombardi Trophy come early 2017.