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Bengals' Adam Jones believes William Jackson was best corner in Draft

Jones liked what he saw in Jalen Ramsey, but he thought Jackson III was even better.

Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

It looks like William Jackson III will fit right in with the Bengals' cornerback group.

Adam Jones, easily the unit's top player and biggest leader, seems to love William Jackson III as a future teammate and perhaps eventual successor.

"He's really good," Jones said per ESPN's Coley Harvey. "He's one of the best I've seen. I actually liked him better than the kid from Florida [State]."

Draft pundits came to a consensus that Jalen Ramsey was the best corner in the Draft, so what was it about Jackson III's play that made Jones claim his future teammate looked better on tape?

Here's Jones' explanation to reporters on why he liked his future teammate over Ramsey, per Harvey:

"A lot of plays Ramsey made, he was already beaten. He made a lot of plays because he was long. This kid [Jackson] is around the ball a lot. I only saw like two plays where he was beaten on the deep ball, where size made up for it. But besides that, he's in a great spot every time."

Jones' argument holds a lot of weight. One of the NFL's elite corners despite standing at 5-foot-10, Jones clearly places a high value on a corner's ability to utilize skills over his size--after all, that's how Jones ascended the Bengals' depth chart and established himself as a premiere boundary corner.

It's also worth noting that Jones' former teammates Leon Hall and Terence Newman, perhaps the best corners he's ever teamed up with, both measure under 6-feet-tall. It's not outlandish to think Jones doesn't think height plays as big a factor in a corner's ability as the traditional NFL evaluator would value the attribute.

That's not to say that Jones is turned off by Jackson III's height; in fact, he's excited to play alongside the rookie corner. And with Jackson III, the feeling is mutual.

"I can learn a lot from Adam Jones, just by being around him and seeing what he did to stay in the league," Jackson said about his new 32-year-old teammate, per Harvey. "Hopefully I can stay in the league a while as well."

Jones, Jackson, Dre Kirkpatrick, Darqueze Dennard, Josh Shaw, Chris Lewis-Harris and college free agent Darius Hillary comprise the Bengals' current corner position on the depth chart, which is shaping up to be the deepest position group on the roster and, as of now and the best secondary in the AFC North. The Bengals will expect big things from the position group this season, and with playmakers like Jones and Jackson III eager to pick off some passes, the Bengals' secondary could be one of football's most imposing units.