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Bengals mandatory minicamp day 1 Twitter updates

The Bengals hit the field for the first of three mandatory minicamp sessions. Here are the details on what happened from the Cincinnati media in attendance.

Day one of the Bengals’ three mandatory minicamp sessions took place on Tuesday and the day included press conferences from both Andy Dalton and Marvin Lewis as well as practice for the full team.

The most notable takeaway from the day was Tyler Boyd’s new knee injury. It doesn’t seem too significant, but it’s never good for a rookie to lose out on practice time — especially when the rookie is one who’s expected to play significant snaps in his first year. Another takeaway was Rey Maualuga sitting out from team drills while instead, he was sprinting around the field. That seems to go along with the report that he’s overweight and not allowed to practice until he sheds some pounds.

Here’s a rundown of today’s events from the Cincinnati media on the scene.