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Bengals Bytes (6/19): Featured weapons

The window is closing for this Bengals team. Bruce Arians opens up about his split with the Steelers. Who are the most used receivers in the NFL?

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Cincinnati Bengals: Time Is Running Out
It’s still there. The Cincinnati Bengals were so close to giving their faithful a late Christmas gift. The late touchdown by A.J. Green shocked Paul Brown Stadium and sent chills through everyone there. But alas, the party came to an end. The Wild Card game was stolen. Another opportunity was lost. Bengals Nation will have to wait for another chance to see the Men in Stripes advance. But, the clock is ticking. It has to be soon. The time is now.

AFC North Bytes

Baltimore Ravens QB Joe Flacco now focused on his throwing arm
For nearly seven months, the focus for Baltimore Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco was his surgically repaired knee. Strengthen it. Regain range of motion. Start running. Now that Flacco feels like he can play if he had to do so, his biggest concern over the next month has changed. It's gone from his previously injured left knee to his right arm.

Roger Goodell among those present to remember exec Bryan Wiedmeier
Roger Goodell joined Cleveland Browns owners Jimmy and Dee Haslam Friday at a memorial mass for Bryan Wiedmeier, the team's executive vice president who passed away June 7. Goodell's presence spoke to the impact Wiedmeier had. He was a humble, kind, thoughtful man, a man of integrity who was happy being quietly effective behind the scenes, a man of character who never failed to offer a kind word and a smile.

Bruce Arians of Arizona Cardinals says he felt betrayed by Pittsburgh Steelers when relieved as offensive coordinator after 2011 season
Arizona Cardinals head coach Bruce Arians has opened up about his split with the Pittsburgh Steelers in 2012, telling HBO's "Real Sports" that he felt betrayed when he was let go as the team's offensive coordinator. Arians ran Pittsburgh's offense from 2007 through the 2011 season, when his contract expired. In the HBO interview, Arians recounted a discussion he said he had with Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin that led to his abrupt departure that offseason.

Random Bytes

Watch former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Bill Cowher explain the 'Cover 3' defense
The NFL offseason is the best time to learn about the intricacies of the game of football. Some might know the minute details of the game, while others might hear someone speaking a foreign language when they bring up terms like "Nickel", "Cover 2" and "I-Formation". However, you have to start somewhere, in regards to expanding your knowledge base of the game. When it comes to teaching these concepts, you might as well learn from the best, and ask any fan of the Pittsburgh Steelers who would be the best teacher and they would probably suggest former head coach Bill Cowher.

Antonio Brown, Julio Jones among NFL's most-featured receivers
In his record-setting 2012 season, Calvin Johnson was targeted a league-high 201 times. He finished that year with 1,964 yards, an NFL record that very well could be challenged this season, given the talented group of pass-catchers who are in their primes. Just last year, Julio Jones and Antonio Brown piled up 1,871 and 1,834 yards, respectively. Those were two of the top five single-season yardage totals by wide receivers in NFL history.

End Around: NFL Dad rankings; a pitch to Dick Mahoney
Tough times for Steph Curry, whose Warriors might be choking away the NBA Finals at the same time the sharpshooter's new Under Amour sneakers are being buried by an avalanche of snark on Twitter. As you surely know by now, The Internet Cognoscenti reached an amusing unanimous conclusion on the Chef Currys: "Dude, those are Dad Shoes." Pete Carroll, a Baby Boomer who's rocked Nike Air Monarchs since Dell Curry was king, had no issue with the kicks.

“Open letter” from NFL agent to NFL fans
From time to time, agents and other NFL insiders submit columns to PFT for potential posting. Sometimes we post it, sometimes we don’t. In the case of an open letter from agent David Mulugheta of Athletes First to all NFL fans regarding the manner in which players who seek more money are viewed by the public, the ideas expressed by Mulugheta mesh with a sentiment that PFT has articulated many times in recent years. The full letter, with minor edits, appears below.

Former No. 1 overall pick Jake Long says he's 'finally healthy'
Jake Long hasn't been this healthy in years. And now, the No. 1 overall pick of the 2008 draft is ready to play and find a new team. "I'm finally healthy," Long told ESPN on Saturday before coaching at the University of Michigan Big Man camp. "This is the healthiest and best I've felt in probably about five, six years. My knee's back. I've just been working out, feeling good and ready for the opportunity when it comes along."

Wilkerson won't say if he'll report to training camp
Muhammad Wilkerson remains miffed he can't get a long-term deal with the New York Jets. On Friday at his annual charity bowling event, Wilkerson wouldn't say whether he would report to training camp next month if he doesn't have a long-term contract.