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Quiz: Bengals passing leader per season

How many of the Bengals' passing yardage leaders can you name for each season they have played?

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It's hot outside, and training camp hasn't come yet. What's a Bengals' fan to do?

Well, you could go to the pool, follow the Reds, or eat ice cream... but seriously, why do that when you could take a Bengals' quiz?

Every Bengals' season is listed from 1968 through 2015. Your mission, if you choose to accept (and obviously you want to accept), is to type in the names of the Bengals' season leaders for passing yardage. On the hosting site, Sporcle, over 75 percent of quiz participants got 33 or more correct on our quiz. Can you join their ranks?

To make it easy you only have to type in LAST NAMES, and to make it easier you can type them in any order - so you don't have to start with the 1968 leader.

If you have trouble getting the quiz to work, you can access it here, and then come back and brag about how well you did in the comments section. Either way, you're going to want to brag about how you did in the comments section, right?