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Is this the Bengals NFL Color Rush uniform

Earlier this offseason, we saw a leak of what the Bengals' new swag may look like for Thursday Night Football. Did we just get another hint?

Reddit user FranneBoy (r/Bengals)

Some things never change, but some things are forced to change.

For much of Mike Brown's tenure as Bengals owner, the Bengals used to go through as little of change as possible every year. Whether it was holding training camp in Georgetown, never spending big money on big-name free agents, or simply keeping the same uniforms every year, Brown has typically been very reluctant to any kind of change around his team.

But in the same way Brown watches Father Time pass him by, he also watches as the ever-changing NFL continue to change in many aspects, of which he and the rest of the league now must follow. Though the Bengals have undergone few uniform changes over the years, they are taking part in the NFL's Color Rush program this year, as every team will do for Thursday Night Football.

They'll be changing up their uniform colors in Week 4 when they host the Dolphins on Thursday Night Football.

A preview of the Bengal's Color Rush jersey may have leaked earlier this offseason, though there's been no official confirmation to suggest this was actually the color combo Cincinnati would wear. It was a black-and-white combo, and you can see what it looks like in the above link.

Now, there's another supposed leak for what colors the Bengals will don vs the Dolphins:

The new leak would seem to suggest a similar design as the earlier leak we saw this offseason. Some will joke it looks like prison stripes more than Bengals stripes, so we're hesitant to put too much stock into these leaks, at least until we see the final design. Though, it's also possible this is an all-black design with no stripes at all. The exact design still remains unclear, and, this may simply be a false representation of the yet-to-be revealed jerseys.

The Bengals have been using their tiger stripe design since 1981, though they did slightly update the look in 1997, and altered them further in 2003 into what we've seen since then.

What do you think of these 'leaked' uniforms for the Bengals?