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Former Bengals OL Willie Anderson offers QBs, RBs funny (but true) advice

The former Bengals offensive lineman has great advice for football players, high schoolers and parents, too.

Willie Anderson

If you're not following former Bengals offensive lineman Willie Anderson on Twitter, you're missing out. The five time All Pro and Pro Bowl tackle is an entertaining follow on social media where today, he offered some funny, and true, advice to football players, high schoolers and the general public.

He started with advice for quarterbacks, based on his experience as a lineman.

From what I’ve seen and heard, Andy Dalton is one to make sure to take his lineman out for meals, and AJ McCarron had reportedly done the same late last year. Happy lineman are more likely to keep their quarterbacks safe, per Anderson.

And, Andrew Whitworth retweeted Anderson's Tweet, including Dalton, who also responded.

He then continued with some words of wisdom for running backs, which certainly ring true.

His Tweets are also a reminder that football is a team sport. If Jeremy Hill or Giovani Bernard have a huge season, it’s often just as much because of the way the offensive line plays as it is due to the way the running backs are playing.

Anderson also had something to say about youth football. He feels the lack of head coaches who are the parents of offensive lineman leads to lineman getting treated poorly. (Hey, o-lineman parents, step up to the plate!)

Should offensive lineman be doing the same drills as skill position players? Anderson doesn’t think so.

Anderson also has some good and funny advice for high school girls.

And, Sara Zeitler, Bengals guard Kevin Zeitler’s wife, seconded Anderson’s Tweet... Kind of...

Anderson also sent a reminder that offensive lineman are just like us!

To recap, quarterbacks and running backs should remember who’s paving the way for their success, more parents of offensive lineman should become youth football head coaches, high school girls shouldn’t neglect awkward lineman and offensive lineman are just like us!

If you’re not following Anderson on Twitter, you should probably click the follow button for more of his can’t-miss advice.