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Freezer Bowl among 3 Bengals games going up on YouTube

Three memorable Bengals matchups will be uploaded to YouTube in August.

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

It is decided. Three of the Bengals' most memorable matchups in team history will be uploaded to YouTube in August.

Per, those three matchups are the Freezer Bowl (The Bengals' 1981 AFC Championship victory over the San Diego Chargers), Andy Dalton's fourth quarter comeback against the Seahawks' Legion of Boom in 2015 and Cincinnati's upsetting of the 10-0 Chiefs in Week 11 of the 2003 season.

Freezer Bowl: The 1981 AFC Championship, known for being one of the NFL's greatest matchups of all-time, featured the Chargers' high-powered Air Coryell offense, led by three Hall of Famers: quarterback Dan Fouts, wide receiver Charlie Joyner and tight end Kellen Winslow. Rookie running back, James Brooks, who would later be traded to and excel for the Bengals, was also a member of the 1981 Chargers team. On the opposite side, the Bengals' offense featured all-time great and NFL MVP Ken Anderson, running back Pete Johnson, wide receiver Cris Collinsworth, tight end Dan Ross and Hall of Fame left tackle Anthony Munoz, all of whom were considered among the best at their positions in the NFL.

The Freezer Bowl was the coldest game in NFL history, and with the Bengals' 27-7 victory, Cincinnati made its first ever trip to the Super Bowl.

Bengals-Seahawks: The 2015 matchup between Cincinnati and Seattle received the most votes of the three games--and rightfully so. Andy Dalton's Bengals led a massively improbable comeback against Russell Wilson's Seahawks, who were coming off two straight Super Bowl appearances--one of which, they won. The victory affirmed the notion that Dalton was an MVP-caliber quarterback in 2015 and that the Bengals were the real deal. Cincinnati's winning streak spanned eight games, a franchise-best start to the season.

Bengals-Chiefs: This matchup has to be the biggest surprise of the three games announced, but it's just as deserving of a spot on the list. The Bengals' victory over the previously undefeated Chiefs was memorable enough for fans to vote for it over the Bengals' AFC Championship victory against the Bills in 1988. Admittedly young enough that I've never seen the game (though I've seen the Freezer Bowl), I'm excited to watch. Here's Josh Kirkendall's recap of the victory, which was one of the greatest victories in the Marvin Lewis era.

For what it's worth, two other Bengals matchups will also be aired on YouTube; they just happen to be losses. The team's 2011 playoff loss against the Texans, which was Houston's first ever playoff victory, made the cut. In that game, J.J. Watt--a rookie at the time--had the memorable pick-six which all but guaranteed the Texans' victory. Super Bowl XXIII, the Bengals' loss to the 49ers in the matchup that featured "The Catch," will also be available for fans' viewing pleasure. Despite the fact that the Bengals lost the game, it's still a memorable matchup, as it's only one of the Bengals' two Super Bowl appearances.