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Jeremy Hill, A.J. Hawk to appear on Celebrity Family Feud

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Each player will be providing plenty of fun, but all for a greater cause.

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Update: The NFL edition of Celebrity Family Feud airs Sunday, July 3 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Set your DVRs!

As teams and players are waiting for football season to begin, many players help various charities to give back a little while they wait to hit the football field once again. One particularly popular example of this is appearing on Celebrity Family Feud, which allows celebrities to face off against each other on the popular game show with the prize money going to the non-profit organization of their choice.

This year, Bengals running back Jeremy Hill and former Bengals linebacker A.J. Hawk will be participating in episodes of the family game show. Each player will be playing with other members of their conference on offense or defense, and will face off against members of the other side of the ball in the opposite conference.

Here are the teams for Hill's episode:

AFC Offense -€” playing for Active Minds

  • Brandon Marshall — New York Jets wide receiver
  • Steve Smith Jr. — Baltimore Ravens wide receiver
  • Amari Cooper — Oakland Raiders wide receiver
  • Jeremy Hill —Cincinnati Bengals running back
  • Marcus Cannon — New England Patriots tackle


NFC Defense -€” playing for Got Your 6 (Be The Change, Inc.)

Hill will be playing with AFC offensive players in Jets receiver Brandon Marshall, Ravens receiver Steve Smith Sr., Raiders receiver Amari Cooper, and Patriots tackle Marcus Cannon. Their winnings will be donated to Active Minds, an organization that, according to their website, "is the leading nonprofit organization that empowers students to speak openly about mental health in order to educate others and encourage help-seeking."

Hawk will be playing with AFC defensive players in Chiefs defensive end Tamba Hali, Raiders linebacker Malcolm Smith, Broncos linebacker Von Miller, and Chargers linebacker Melvin Ingram. The group will face off against NFC offensive players with their winnings going to the Still Strong Foundation, an organization launched by Devon and Leah Still last year to fund childhood cancer research and help families battle the condition.

Here are the teams for Hawk's episode:

AFC Defense — playing for Still Strong Foundation (aka Michael's Way)

  • AJ Hawk — Cincinnati Bengals linebacker
  • Tamba Hali — Kansas City Chiefs defensive end
  • Malcolm Smith — Oakland Raiders linebacker
  • Von Miller — Denver Broncos linebacker
  • Melvin Ingram — San Diego Chargers linebacker


NFC Offense -€” playing for Professional Athletes Foundation

  • Joe Staley — San Francisco 49ers offensive lineman
  • Teddy BridgewaterMinnesota Vikings quarterback
  • David Johnson — Arizona Cardinals running back
  • Marvin JonesDetroit Lions wide receiver
  • Pierre Garcon — Washington Redskins wide receiver

This isn't the first time that Bengals players have appeared on a celebrity charity edition of Family Feud. After Super Bowl XXIII, the Bengals saw James Brooks, Boomer Esiason, David Fulcher, Anthony Munoz, and Ickey Woods go up against a group of 49ers players in a rematch of the big game. The Bengals players ended up winning that particular matchup after unfortunately losing in the Super Bowl.

Celebrity Family Feud will air in a 10 episode series beginning Sunday, June 26 from 8:00 - 9:00 pm EDT on ABC. The series will feature 40 teams in 20 matches, two of which will involve the four NFL player teams. The show offers a chance to watch NFL players giving back and having a lot of fun while doing so. The dates for each episode have not yet been released.