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NFL Twitter account hacked; could you have done better?

The NFL Twitter account was hacked and the first Tweet from the hacking claimed Roger Goodell passed away.

If you could send any Tweet from the NFL Twitter handle, what would it be?

On Tuesday, the NFL Twitter account was hacked and the following Tweet was the first in a series of Tweets that were sent and have since been deleted:

It took a matter of seconds for the NFL community to realize the Tweet was obviously a hoax and the NFL account had been hacked. Essentially every "NFL Insider" was quick to jump on Twitter to confirm Roger Goodell is in fact alive and well. A Twitter account under the name of "IDissEverything" took credit for the hack and has since been suspended from Twitter.

This Tweet followed shortly after from the hacker:

This seems like a pretty lame thing to Tweet out if you were going to hack the NFL Twitter account. Though, the RIP hashtag was a bit funny.

But, the Tweet was obviously fake, not that controversial and if you think about it for a few minutes, aren't there tons of better Tweets that could have been sent if you were to hack the NFL's Twitter account?

So, that brings us to our question. If you were to hack the NFL Twitter account, what would you Tweet? Share with us in the comments your most creative ideas.