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Immediate social media reactions to Giovani Bernard's contract extension with Bengals

What do fans and the media think about Bernard's contract extension? There's no negativity to be found.

The Bengals did what they're great at doing and re-signed one of their best young players today. Giovani Bernard, currently 24-years-old, will be only 28 when his deal with the Bengals expires following the 2019 season. Reports emerged a few weeks ago that the Bengals were trying to extend Bernard's contract, but the team rarely does contract extensions at this point in the offseason so the announcement was somewhat of a surprise.

Bernard was set to play the final year of his rookie contract in 2016, but now is locked up for the next four years.

The response to Bernard's extension was overwhelmingly optimistic, so let's take a look at what fans and the media are saying.