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Live from Bengals training camp Day 1: Answering your questions

Live from the practice fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium, we answer fan questions and share information on day 1 of Bengals training camp. Get all the info right here!

Bengals training camp kicked off today and we were on the scenes to take it all in.

One of the highlights of the day was an impressive showing from Bengals rookie wide receiver Tyler Boyd, who, on the first offensive play of the day, took a pitch from Andy Dalton on a reverse and threw a long touchdown bomb to none other than veteran receiver Brandon Tate.

Speaking of Dalton, he completed 14 of 17 of his passes and was connecting with A.J. Green like we’ve seen him do for the last five years. The duo picked up right where they left off before Dalton’s Week 14 thumb injury. Green had one drop on the day, which is more than rare for the Pro Bowl receiver.

I’ll have a full report for you by tomorrow morning, but until then, here’s the Facebook Live video I did from the practice field, during which I answered a bunch of fan questions on both day one of training camp, the outlook for this season and potential free agents the Bengals could sign.

You can also check out my Twitter where I Tweeted out tons of play-by-play info from training camp.

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