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Bengals Training Camp 2016: Videos from Day 3 of Bengals practice

Vines, vines and some more vines! Check out videos of A.J. Green, Dre Kirkpatrick, Mario Alford, Giovani Bernard and more Bengals from Sunday’s training camp session.

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One of the great parts about training camp is that fans can attend!

Often, fans in attendance at Bengals training camp take great videos that fans who can’t make it to practice can enjoy to get a look into practice and to see who’s thriving. One fan who’s providing some awesome Tweets and videos for Bengals fans from training camp is Sarah Mustian, who you can follow on Twitter to get a great glimpse into camp.

Sarah gave us permission to share her videos and they provide a great look into what happened on Day 3 in Cincinnati, another 80+ degree day where a few Bengals players went down on the field or missed part of practice. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, Jake Kumerow missed part of practice with a hamstring issue while Trevor Roach and Jack Gangwish both experienced some sort of injuries that limited their practices as well. Gangwish was carted off the field toward the end of the day.

But, let’s not get too caught up in detail-lacking injuries. Instead, let’s turn to the action!

Here’s an Andy Dalton to A.J. Green pass. A connection we’ve seen quite frequently and will continue to watch for years to come.

As they did last year, the Bengals will give Giovani Bernard a shot as a returner. Here he is running a punt on Sunday. Last year in the preseason, Bernard received a few opportunities as a returner, but the Bengals didn’t give him much of a chance to earn the role. It will be interesting to see how much they’re willing to experiment with him there this year.

If Mario Alford is going to make the Bengals’ roster again, he’s likely going to need to prove his worth on special teams, especially returning kicks and punts. Here’s one of his reps returning from Sunday. He also dropped a punt on Sunday, though, that’s not seen here.

Another Dalton to Green connection. As Sarah says, they make it look easy.

As per usual, Green was making tons of catches. Here, he burned Dre Kirkpatrick, creating great separation against the Bengals’ veteran cornerback.

Here’s another Green vs Kirkpatrick play.

And, another Dalton to Green pass, though, this one came earlier in practice without a defender on Green.

Too soon for a thumb joke, if I do say so.

Here’s Green in receiver drills. It was his birthday and it appears he didn’t disappoint fans in attendance who were cheering for him all day long.

And, here’s Jeremy Hill in running back drills.

Cody Core wasted no time in making great plays on Sunday after leaving Saturday’s session early with foot cramping.

And now, let’s turn to the specialists! Clark Harris was passing the ball around with some young fans in the stands, a perk of coming to camp!

If you’re into watching Kevin Huber punt, here’s the video for you!

And, here’s a video of the specialists hanging out... or, working hard.

Sarah will be back at training camp on Monday with more Vines and Tweets. Be sure to follow her!