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Bengals Adam Jones involved in altercation with Vikings WR Adam Thielen

The spat didn’t get very far, but it’s not what you want to hear from the Bengals’ joint practice with the Vikings.

It took less than 30 minutes for there to be a fight on the field at the Bengals and Vikings’ joint practice on Wednesday in Cincinnati. On the Bengals’ side, cornerback Adam Jones was reportedly involved, with linebacker Vontaze Burfict getting in the middle of things. For the Vikings, it was wide receiver Adam Thielen, a third year player.

Though it’s hard to see, here’s video of the incident from’s Paul Dehner Jr.

Here’s another angle (and better look) from ESPN’s Coley Harvey.

It seems nothing escalated and it was quickly broken up, but, I’m not all that happy that in their first interaction with players on another team this season Jones was unable to keep his cool and then Burfict also got involved.

This isn’t a big deal, and it seems the altercation didn’t get very far, but I’d rather hear about them making plays and impressing the coaches rather than after the whistle antics in what’s supposed to be a friendly joint practice.

The Bengals have had plenty of joint practices over the years and they usually don’t result in fights. Last year’s joint practice with the Giants was altercation-free. On the bright side, at least no one got hurt.