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Bengals Training Camp: Videos from Bengals’ first joint practice with Vikings

The Bengals’ offensive line struggled to keep Andy Dalton protected on Wednesday, but he was able to complete a few nice passes to A.J. Green, C.J. Uzomah, Tyler Boyd and Giovani Bernard. Check out that and more in our Wednesday practice videos.

Minnesota Vikings v Cincinnati Bengals Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

The Bengals and Vikings shared the practice fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium on Wednesday for the first of two joint practices. The day was a bit of a somber one as Bengals rookie defensive tackle Andrew Billings went down with an injury and needed to be carted off the field.

But, let’s try to focus on the on-the-field action instead of discussing something that we don’t yet have full details on. Sarah Mustian was back at practice today and shot some great video clips.

Look at this special teams... action? This seems to be what the special teams guys are doing for a lot of practice and with two teams worth of specialists in Cincinnati, as Sarah said, double the specialists, double the fun!

Reports from camp said that Andy Dalton wasn’t getting a lot of time to throw the ball as the Vikings’ front seven was on the prowl all afternoon. Here, he completed a pass to Brandon LaFell.

Here’s Tyler Boyd taking off down the edge of the field.

Jeremy Hill snuck through a group of defenders for a nice run here.

Rex Burkhead broke free for a run, too. Though, he probably would have been stopped if this was a real game and the tackling was at full intensity.

Here, a Vikings defender breaks up a pass intended for Boyd.

This throw from Dalton to LaFell was nearly picked off, though, it looks like Dalton was surrounded and potentially would have been sacked if this were a real game.

Giovani Bernard grabs a short pass from Dalton.

Another play where Dalton would have been sacked. Of note, Andrew Whitworth wasn’t practicing again on Wednesday as he deals with a shoulder injury and he’s not expected to play at all on Friday. So, the Bengals’ first team offensive line featured two players with no starting experience in Jake Fisher (practicing at left tackle) and Cedric Ogbuehi (at right tackle).

Dalton had a chance here to connect with Green, and the crowd got excited for it, but the pass was overthrown.

Jeremy Hill bobbles but ultimately makes the catch on a short throw.

A nice pass from Dalton to Green.

I continue to be really encouraged by what C.J. Uzomah is showing in training camp. How about you?

Another catch from Bernard, though again, this could have been a sack on Dalton in a real game.

Dalton and LaFell seem to be jiving more than they were in the beginning of camp, which is good news for this season.

Where Sarah was sitting didn’t offer a view of the Bengals’ defense going up against the Vikings’ offense, but, James Rapien captured this video of Adam Jones going up against Vikings wide receiver Stefon Diggs, who completed the catch from Teddy Bridgewater.

The second joint practice between the two teams and the last Bengals training camp session of 2016 begins at 11:00 a.m. on the practice fields adjacent to Paul Brown Stadium. It’s open to the public and is only expected to last one hour. The Bengals and Vikings open the preseason at 7:30 p.m. on Friday at Paul Brown Stadium.